When Art Gallery Roma was created, the main idea was to give the customer the option of a customized oil painting, like going to the tailor to make a custom dress or suit. Likewise, the original oil painting is created around this concept: total personalization.

Early developments of Art Gallery Roma were designed at American Interior Designers, an original art gallery who needed a commercial product as interior decoration for home and office. Over the past five years, the artists who make up the Art Gallery Roma team have changed direction. Ease of payment and technology have led to the development of a tailor-made original artwork business for the individual customer.

The possibilities are infinite, and whether you like the styles and techniques of the classic impressionist movement, or abstract impressionism, which offer variety in texture and color, or you prefer photorealism, which is a style ideal for those who prefer a more representational piece of authentic art, Art Gallery Roma has what you’re looking for, and will give you the best art buying experience in Rome, guaranteed.

The first days are crucial for the proper development of the oil painting. The artist sends the first version of the commissioned art piece directly to the customer for first feedback, and, after approval, sends it directly to the client. A DHL shipment number will ensure and follow the trip to your destination.

As the last step of the project started more than 12 years ago, the Art Gallery Roma team has today opened two art galleries located in the most prestigious streets of the historic center of Rome, respectively in Via dei Coronari 7 and Via A.Brunetti 15A.

If you’re looking for things to do in Rome, stop by one of our two galleries and see authentic art by local Italian artists, or sign up for a painting class for a cross-cultural experience with one of our resident painters.

Why not become the creator and interpreter of your work of art?

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