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  • Elena Sagresti

    Italian Origin, a fashion designer, began her career in London in the 1980's as a concept designer, the late 90 she enrolled in a course of fine arts in Southern France where she developed a great interest for all that is mixed media and experimental art.
    The passion about comedy start in HK in the orly 2007 during a workshop she also author of "Do you know who you are" one woman show. 2012 she is the finalist of "women of laughter" in NY City.
    In 2014 she graduated with honors at the IAFT (International Academy Film Television) in Hong Kong. She is the founder and art director of Art Gallery Roma. Currently, her passion is supporter and promoter of up and coming female artists.

  • Fabio Greci

    Fabio was born in Rome, and his passion for and knowledge of preserving antiquity led him to discover the world of oil painting and painting restoration. His love for the sea and underwater fishing led him on a passage to impressionistic painting. Also working at creating photorealistic paintings, Fabio specializes in portraying the beautiful ports and seashores of Italian landscapes with rich and lively colors.

  • Siria

    Born in Puglia, artist Claudia Sistina took the pseudonym Siria after studying at the Savannah College of Art and Design in the United States. In her career, she has developed a stunning technique in palette knifing that includes mixing color and texture to construct a portrait. She has since returned to Italy, where she works in particular with faces, offering her services to customize pieces for clients. To start your commissionable oil painting, send us an image of your choice and state your desired canvas size, then wait for the creation and shipment of your custom piece (c.30 days).  contact us

  • Alice Michelini

    It is hard to imagine by looking at her exquisite impressionistic techniques that artist Alice has never has any classical artistic training. She is a natural talent, having learned techniques from her father, a renowned Italian artist. As a child, she was considered a painting prodigy, and her skills allow her to be able to use oil painting techniques to faithfully reproduce works of impressionistic and photorealistic form. Her studio is located in the mountains of Urbino, Italy.

  • Katia Kalova

    Of Polish origin, Katia Kalova grew up in Russia, finished schooling at the School of Fine Arts in Moscow, and now lives and practices in Paris, where she studied abstract expressionism. Her oil painting style is free and her strengths include using colors and textures to create an impressionistic interpretation of subject matters including city scenes of Rome, Europe and captivating landscapes. Her talent and originality add to her potential future as an acclaimed artist of impressionism and abstract impressionism.

  • Martina

    Originally from Pisa, Martina’s  exciting and colorful paintings bring the Tuscan region to life in her original oil paintings on canvas, using the principles of sculpture to execute her oil painting. She is self-taught, and currently is working out of Tuscany, constantly gaining inspiration from the beauty and depth of the regions rolling hills, vineyards, and shores.

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